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Давуу тал

1.    Distilled water supplementation free

   As the lead-antimony conventional battery incurs unnecessary local action inside battery due to the effects of antimony ion during battery use and discharges gas by electrolyzing water contained in electrolyte, the amount of electrolyte is decreased rapidly. 

    The battery performance is deteriorated and operating life reduced unless distilled water is supplemented frequently to compensate for such decrease of electrolyte.

    YUSIMI battery, however, uses specially alloyed calcium-lead, which leads to extremely low level of electrolyte decrease. Hence, if the charging system of vehicle remains error-free until the battery is worn out there is no need to supplement distilled water at all.


2.    Recharging free

    Due to the phenomenon of self-discharge, the lead-acid battery is characterized by its charged power being consumed even when the battery is not in use, such as during storage. The reason behind such phenomenon is that the impurities contained in lead alloy induces local action, causing electric energy to be consumed. 

    Compared with the lead-acid battery, YUSIMI battery uses carefully selected, highly refined lead alloy, rendering extremely low rate of self-discharge, and maintaining high performance even during long-term standing.

3.    Overcharge risk free
    The battery mounted on vehicles can always be charged while vehicles are in operation. In general, the current being charged is adjusted to high or low level by the regulator which controls the size of voltage. 

    When battery is in the state of near full charge under the condition of voltage already set, the value of current being charged must be decreased to prevent battery  from being overcharged to maintain high performance for a long time. 

    As shown on graph, the charging current of YUSIMI’s Calcium battery is reduced to extremely low level when the battery is in near full-charge state, eliminating to near zero the danger of battery being overcharged.

4.    Thermal runaway free
    When battery is in near full-charge state while battery is being used in hot places (temperature approximately 700C), the current being charged must be decreased to prevent battery damage resulting from overcharging.
    The charging current level of lead-acid battery decreases at initial stage but rises again soon due to the effects of a few kinds of substance contained in the grid alloy, and the grid is damaged and performance deteriorated due to this thermal phenomenon.
    YUSIMI battery, however, is free of substance containing such harmful effects, and the current being charged becomes extremely low level when battery is fully charged in high-temperature, leading to the prevention of overcharging.

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